TicketBuilder allows tickets to be produced according to the following specifications:

  • no strain up to 4 strains:

    • the first is to be kept as proof of sale

    • the second is to be kept as proof of entry into the concert hall

    • the third is the ticket that the ticket holders will keep

    • the fourth and fifth can be used as a meal and / or drink ticket

    • number of banknotes configurable on a horizontal or vertical sheet

  • choice of numbering from 1 to 6 digits

  • each field of the ticket can be configured on its color, its font, its background color, its position and its orientation (accessible from the right mouse button)

  • each field can be moved with the mouse


  • All the information is entered globally and saved in order to be able to modify each of them in a fragmented way at each new concert.


Some examples of tickets produced with ticket builder




A few comments

The background image has been loaded only once, it is the opacity color filter that allows you to change the color. This makes it possible to differentiate tickets from one concert to another or from one price to another in a very simple way.

The colors, the location of the texts, their font can be adjusted with the mouse with simple grouping functions (all titles in the same color)


The installers are available under

  • Linux rpm installer
  • Linux deb installer
  • Windows 10 by setup program
  • MacOs X Big with dmg installer

Download on https://sourceforge.net/projects/ticketbuilder/files/

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