Rosace guitar is a  program to help develop rosettes for acoustic guitar used in the field of guitar making. It works on Linux, Window and MacOsx. It is available in French and English languages
It is OpenSource under the LGPL license, however if you want to help with its development you can help.


A rosette is made up with different patterns that can be selected to copy, duplicate, delete or move.
Here the display is rendered completely which requires a powerful computer


Here the display is quickly rendered by pressing the quick display checkbox button.



By selecting the Pattern tab, you can modify an elementary pattern point by point, or by row, by column or by color selection. See the documentation available in the software help.


You can print the rosette with its needs in nets of different essences.




  • Allows the selection of the pattern on the rosette in quick or detailed display mode
  • Allows the modification of the pattern point by point with functions of displacement, filling, selection of zones for deletion or copy
  • Allows to save a rosette and modify it later
  • All actions can be canceled / replayed using the Control Z and Control Shift Z commands
  • A slideshow mode with optional music allows you to project all the rosettes made in full screen
  • Roadmap with representation of the rosette and its need for nets
  • Software in French and English easily translatable (you can ask me for the English language file if you want to translate it
  • Size of the rosette can be changed in the control panel
  • Export of each rosette as an image file
  • Opening of the last open rosettes
  • Software help explaining how to use the Help menu
  • Available software sources
  • Possibility of requesting improvements in free financial participation.




The  binaries are under the link  :

  • deb is the extension  file name for Linux Debian installer
  • rpm is the extension file name for Linux RedHat installer
  • exe is the extention file name for Microsoft Windows Installer




By Email :  gilles at gillesmaire.com
I am gillesm on freenode IRC network  in the channels C++ Qt and Linuxmao

Autres liens


Some samples

This is list of  listerosace  you can find many rosaces in sources codes in example directory


Les sources

Sont disponibles sur le site SourceForge :


Les sources sur le serveur svn sont ceux de la version 1.0 et vont bientôt disparaître.
Ceux sur le serveur git sont les sources de la version 1.2 qui est en cours de finalisation

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